Watch it…that A**hole Might Be Your Soul Mate

Recently a number of my successful, savvy female clients seeking psychic readings on love and relationships have relayed with understandable frustration that they are tired of the….uh…..”undesirable” men (they used much more FUN language of course…) who keep turning up in their lives.

Time and again the battle cry of “where are the men with NO BAGGAGE?!” rings loud and clear.

This view while understandable, overlooks the delicate spiritual nature of Karma, Attraction and Soul Purpose in relationships. Put simply, we pair up with those whose baggage “matches” our own.

Plus, before jumping in to judge, consider that the person who at times seems to be a jerk is actually triggering something powerful, painful and perhaps….necessary in your own individual evolution.

This is not at all to imply that women should tolerate abuse etc. under the guise of “accepting Karma” yet consider that perhaps the encounter with someone who is on the “less desirable” spectrum is allowing one the chance to CHOOSE assertiveness, strength, independence, healing…or not.

That being said there are a number of behaviors on the spectrum of “undesirable” lag in the grey zone of mere mortal imperfection. These behaviors exist for everyone but if you have ever had a room mate you know that when things go wrong, it is naturally perceived as the other person’s fault!

So back to those fellows with baggage, the ones who get angry, yell, cheat, lie, leave the toilet seat up, spend carelessly and buy the dumbest birthday presents ever…and yes those who forget the birthday altogether…

Surely there must be something they are doing RIGHT….right?

I mean their presence in your life serves some purpose or else you would have moved on.

And by the way, while you are dreaming of your “Prince Charming” happily-ever-Soulmate consider he just may be closer than you think….

Disguised as regular old human being, baggage and all.

Recently I watched a biographical movie about one of my favorite country singers Loretta Lyn (of course, you can’t be a relationship psychic and not listen to at least SOME country music….)

If this movie is at all accurate….her husband could be a real A**hole sometimes…but he also showed tremendous unconditional love and was a major catalyst for her becoming a musician let alone a star.

Yet the Social Worker in me cringed at some of the dynamics in their relationship. From cheating to physical abuse, to the creepy and (illegal?) honeymoon scene…this relationship would give most “experts” a run for their money!

Yet no one can change the fact that two Souls were brought together for a rocky ride filled with happiness, tears, anger, stress, love, joy, children, good times, bad times, ….

in short, BAGGAGE!

This is the difference between looking at relationships and love from a logical standpoint as opposed to a spiritual one.

And real life relationships do NOT follow the rules of logic.

We are brought into connection with others for a reason, not always an easy road, not always a graceful dance, but a purpose nonetheless.
The person who is here to challenge you

  • To piss you off
  • To reveal things about yourself you don’t want anyone to see
  • To give you the opportunity to┬áthrive or collapse
  • To push you to your limits….

That person might be the Soul Mate you were looking for after all.


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